Garage Design Ideas

If you really want your garage to stand out, then it’s always a very good idea to come up with some fresh, new ways to decorate and harness the unused area.

garage designs

That being said, we created a list with some nice, simple garage design ideas that you can start using right now.

A Black and Red Garage

The idea here is to add a black and red checked, rubber floor. This comes in handy because you won’t have to worry about slipping when you get out of the car. The rubber floor is also rugged, and it allows you to do just about any activity you want in there as well.

You can also opt for a red cabinet and a black table to match the floor, and you will have a great working space ready for your projects!

Simple, Yet Exquisite Exterior

If you want to remodel the exterior, opt for a combination of stone and wood. It makes a lot of sense for any type of garage regardless of where you live. And yes, it can easily be adapted to any garage size too.

Add a DIY Workshop Area

You can combine old dressers to create a large workbench. The best part here is that you can organize all your tools and work on any project you want.

Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about having a dedicated storage location within your home. You can easily store all tools in here if you create such a workshop area.

Collectible Storage

If you love collectibles and you always purchase some new stuff, it’s a good idea to store the collections in your garage. You can add a dedicated collectible storage region where you can easily store all your favorite items.

Make sure that you use high-quality bins to store everything, and put some padding if you have some very sensitive items.

Wall Storage

Some people just need to get rid of items within their home, but they still want to use them from time to time. In this case, your garage design should include wall storage.

Storing stuff on the wall is actually quite handy, and it does make plenty of sense. You are free to pick the right option and design though, but there are a ton of options to be had out there, so use those to your advantage.

A Small Kitchen Area

If you have a small kitchen and you want to expand it, you can totally do that. The idea is to avoid placing inflammable stuff in your garage. But you can cook some of the stuff and prepare it in here if you want. That’s up to you and how large your kitchen is, if you need additional space and other relevant stuff like that.

But yes, there are lots of garage design ideas that you need to take into account. You want to take your time, study all the options and identify which one works for you. Some will be great, others not so much.

As long as you take all these things into account, results can be really good and you can end up with a really impressive garage design!